Victor Vigano

Where is best to Live?

In Uncategorized on March 9, 2011 at 18:13

Where we live… the country, the city…constitutes a great part of our quality of life.  There are many reasons why we live where we do.  In most cases we are subdued by some sort of gravitational force: we were born there, our family and friends are there, we know how to find jobs there and we really aren’t the adventurous, savvy type. We are mentally and emotionally pulled in, towards our own home town.  But do we really enjoy a sufficient quality of life?  Today we may be mobile around the world, discovering that friends can be everywhere and family may follow suit.

 There are three fundamental factors we must consider when choosing where to live: a competitive job that allows for an enjoyable quality of life; a safe and stable environment; our ability to integrate with the local community without feeling as an outsider.

There is more to it that may shape our choices, but those three fundamental factors are preponderant and can’t be overlooked.

Having a competitive job is intrinsic to the quality of life that may result. How many hours we put in, the quality of working environment, the purchasing power, both local and abroad, and a reduced commuting all shape the formula to a worthwhile job.  We also want to make sure the job marked is healthy and stable, at least in regards to our field of expertise.

Wherever we go must be safe and stable.  Especially today, with great part of the world witnessing political and economic strife, we want our lives to never be at peril.  Some countries may look nice at a glance, but while the moment portrays an apparent peace the future, there, may unravel in many dangers.  National unity and respect of human rights are paramount.   An equitably distributed wealth among the classes comes as a much appreciated plus.  Also desirable is a modern and efficient medical system. Being in a geographically tranquil area is very important too; earthquakes, floodings and hurricanes are not fun. 

When choosing to live somewhere we want to consider our ability to integrate and be regarded well among the local population.  Being an outsider might be ok while vacationing, but when living somewhere it becomes a burden.  Speaking the local language, being able to learn it or being understood in general is very important. Being accepted and regarded as equal promotes comfortable interactions with others, a strong base for quality of life.  We want to understand the local culture and see if we can adopt it; or is it too far from what we can accept?  Some societies are more free and disinhibited than others; we want to research how we may fare there.  If we like bathing topless at the beach, let’s avoid countries that advocate a strong morality.

Once sure that the fundamental three criteria are met, we may start looking at what else pleases us and makes us happy.  I love the sun and a warm climate, possibly not too humid.  I also love the beach and the ocean.  I appreciate the comforts a decent size city has to offer, like stores and readily accessible everything, at any time.  That is me.  Someone else may wish for somewhere more secluded or community oriented, where  relationships may grow stronger with people far more personable.  I live in Miami Beach and found what I was looking for.


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